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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about classes

What do classes involve?

Baby Band is an interactive music class. Each child is accompanied by their parent/carer. Little ones sing, dance and play musical instruments. Grown ups join in the fun too! There is no expectation for you to sing, or be good at singing, it's all about learning to be musical with your child.

Are your classes in age groups?

No, all of our classes are mixed ages. We have found there are so many benefits to this and 'vertical learning' is a common feature in music education.

What do you expect of the children, do they have to sit down the whole time?

There is not a moment in a Baby Band class where you have to make your child sit still if they don’t want to. The structure of our classes is the same each week so your little ones soon learn what is going on and what is happening next.

What if I miss my usual class?

Should you miss a class you are invited to contact your teacher to book a catch-up class at a later date in the same term. These are subject to availability.

What do I need to bring with me?

Everything you need to enjoy our classes is made available by the teacher. You may also bring along your own small blanket for your child to sit on.

Do I have to be musical and will I be made to sing?

No! Our teachers will make you feel welcome whatever your musical ability. We love it when families sing along and your children will benefit from hearing the sound of a familiar voice, no matter how good or bad! But – there is no pressure to sing because listening, watching and playing the instruments will keep you and your child busy enough! 

Is it OK for me to take photos or videos in class?

Yes, but please make sure you only get photos of your little one.

Where can I buy Baby Band merchandise?

Please click here.

Do classes run through the holidays?

Yes! It is super important that we offer our amazing classes through the school holidays. You can also bring along older siblings too at a small extra cost.

How many children are in a class?

This is venue dependent as some rooms are bigger/smaller than others but it will never exceed 16 children.

Can I try a class before I sign up to a course?

Yes. You can book a PAYG place to try our classes before booking a block.

How old does my child need to be to start Baby Band?

Generally we say 3 months, but it is totally a personal choice. We have a newborn class for really tiny ones.

What if my child has additional needs?

We welcome every child in our classes and we recommend that you come along to see the incredible benefits first-hand  - our courses are suitable for everyone and they can provide enormous benefit to each and every child.

I would like to join the team. What do I do next?

We currently have vacancies across the company for franchisees and class leaders. For more information please use the contact form below. 

Questions about gigs and events

Will the music be loud?

We have professional sound engineers who make sure you get the best possible sound, but at a suitable volume for little ears. For those with sensitive ears, there is always space to move away from the stage.

Can I buy gig tickets on the door?

No, they need to be bought online in advance. The gigs are very popular and tickets are limited to allow more space for little ones to move around safely. 

Can I bring my dog?

No, even at outside events we have a responsibility to keep all of our little ones safe. An exception is made for assistance dogs. 

Is there parking?

We try to pick venues with easy access and parking. Please check the details when booking the event and/or the venue website.

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