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Charlotte gives you more than just a music class.

I have been so lucky to have had many different jobs, all with children (apart from that awful time after uni when I sold PPI cover in a call centre!) that I now have lots of knowledge about child development, play, parenting, early years education and of course music.

So a little about me. My degree is in Playwork. I learnt all about why play is so important and how to use it to help children and further their development. After uni I became a play specialist on an Oncology ward at St James’ hospital helping and preparing children for their treatment and just making hospital stays a little more fun for them. Fun Fact. We once sold a painting the children created using syringes on Ebay for £2500!

After a rather turbulent period in my life and seeking a change, I randomly decided to move to London, without a job. I became a nanny to a VIP family in Kensington, I had never done this before - que a very fast learning curve. My first week saw me travel to St. Tropez with the transfer from the airport being by private helicopter to our own (huge) villa. I thought I’d made it. I stuck at it for just over a year then needed a little normality in my life. Turns out having chefs, house keepers, drivers and bosses who were forever travelling isn’t what makes me happy. Yorkshire has always held a special place in my heart, I came to uni and had the best time. So I moved back to Leeds to a new nannying role with a more ‘normal’ family set up.

This is when Baby Band was originally born, I just wasn’t in a position to jump two feet into being self employed. All my nanny children were now starting school so I decided to head back to the classroom too. A few more years being a early years teacher in an inner city school in Leeds, having a baby in a global pandemic and being refused part time hours saw me and my family make that jump. I handed in my notice at school and we have never looked back. We’re now 17 months into being our own bosses and Baby Band is bloomin’ brilliant. So, this is why you get more than just a music class, turns out I actually know what I am talking about.

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